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Not only will we be able to rectify the problem, we will also be able to provide you with long term preventative solutions to reduce the likelihood of future issues. We use thermal imaging technology, drone technology and the below techniques in our pest inspections:  Probe/Tapping Devices As it sounds, this device taps any timbers that termites may be living in. Common places include window frames, skirtings and door jams. Moisture Meter Our moisture meter determines any damp areas, as these are the areas where termites are most active.


Absolute Property Inspections utilises the latest thermal imaging and drone technology to provide professional property inspections.

We pride ourselves on delivering professional property inspections with exceptional customer service and precise attention to detail. We provide you with complete assurance as our services are fully licenced, insured and backed by over 25 years of industry experience.

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25+ Years Experience

Extensive industry knowledge and experience for reliable and comprehensive property inspections.

Thermal Imaging Technology

We evaluate heat sources in your home to add an extra layer of depth in your inspection.

Drone Technology

We use drone technology to capture every aspect of your property.

24hr Reports

Our fast turnaround time means less waiting for you.

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