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At Absolute Property Inspections we use all the latest and advanced technology to capture a complete snapshot of your property. Whether it be asbestos, building code issues, termites or other pests, at Absolute Property we leave no stone unturned and will find all the faults with your current or future property. We carry out thermal inspections, moisture inspections and more as part of our building inspections, all with the help of cutting edge technology.

Our Inspection Technologies


We utilise drone technology at Absolute Property for our building inspections. With drones we capture a birds eye view of every piece of your property, uncovering issues which cannot be seen with a traditional inspection. Drones become particularly useful when inspecting the roof of a property. Traditional inspection methods are prone to fault when inspecting roofs and eaves as these areas are often hard to access, however with a drone all areas of the roof can be inspected by one of our qualified inspectors, safe from the ground.

Thermal Inspections and Imaging 

Thermal imaging is one of the most powerful tools Absolute Property employs in both their building and pest inspections. Thermal cameras allow an inspector to find pockets of heat and drafts within a property. Large masses of heat can indicate improper ventilation, construction and problems with the building’s design. But, more importantly, thermal imaging allows the inspector to uncover nests of pests, particularly wood pests such as termites which often take up residence within the walls of a property. Thermal imaging is also good for uncovering water damage and build up of moisture within your property.

Probe Devices

Probe devices allow our inspectors to uncover wood pest and termite damage deep within the walls of your home. Damage from timber pests can be hard to find and may lay within the structure of your home, hidden from view until it is too late. Using probes we can inspect deep into a property’s core, finding nests and signs of termite activity before it’s too late.  Contact us today to discuss utilising probe devices with your inspection.


Moisture Meter 

Moisture meters are another important tool used by Absolute Property Inspections during a building inspection. Water damage is costly to repair or in some instances can destroy the structural integrity of a building. We use moisture meters to map out the level of moisture across your property, analysing the data gathered to find any irregularities which can hint at accumulating water. 

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Absolute Property Inspections utilises the latest thermal imaging and drone technology to provide professional building and pest inspections across Sydney and the Sutherland Shire.

We pride ourselves on delivering professional building and pest inspections with exceptional customer service and precise attention to detail. We provide you with complete assurance as our services are fully licenced, insured and backed by over 25 years of industry experience.

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Thermal Imaging Technology

We evaluate heat sources in your building in your inspection to add an extra layer of depth to the insights in our building and pest inspections.

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Drone Technology

We use drone technology to capture every aspect of your building during our building inspections.

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